Pricing Costs

  1. Will I pay more than the qoute you gave me by email or call?


    But if your Website or App needs more than you first requested than a small additional charge applies.

  2. Do you have Monthly Plans for SEO/WEBSITE UPGRADES?

    Yes, the cost will be less than $100-$200 per month.

  3. How fast will my website/app be built?

    You will get it/them published in 1 day and finished in 3 for websites, apps are a bit longer, Usually 1 week.

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Website Building and Hosting

  1. Can you build my website from scratch and will I have total approval on its content?


     After we show you the choices available to you from our massive collection of best looking and effective templets.

  2. Can you build or upgrade my GODADDY account?


    We just need you login info after we meet to set up what you want us to do for you!

  3. What/how many designs can I choose from? And do you use HTML5?

       We have over 1,000 templets designed to fit everyones wants and needs. HTML5 is the new top standard and yes we use that coding primarally to give you the nicest and standout look encorporating search engine finding of YOUR SITE FAST! Google and Bing/Ask ETC.

  4. Will you charge for adding data and changing templets of the design in the future?

    No usually unless there are major changes or product adds, otherwise there will be no additional charges, free lifetime services!

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Apple/Android App Development/Publishing

  1. Will you build any style app for me?

    Yes, Apple or Android at the lowest cost worlwide...always!

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